I will/do think of all people as just that PEOPLE just like working as a plumber does not make me a plumber I am a person that plumbs or an person that does aret or sings part of who we are maybe represented in out actions but its not who we are. Hey People might say oh but a taxpayer you are calling people taxpayers well kinda I am identifying something many people do as the construct of their problems the very action that keeps them enslaved and with so many of them the few not stuck in this debt slave mentality are almost held hostage by them and their idiocy.

I am not my language or the geographical position on a map or my personal beliefs and really its only my deeds that concern any one and only if they infringe on or harm you. If I worship a rock in my yard and Charlie Manson does too it does not change who I am to me and nor should it to you so stop being so intolerant and ignorant to each other stop hating people.

Joining groups and following or blindly belonging and participating in political parties, religions or secret societies (apparently no so secret). Is it easier to corrupt a group that follows a party or a many individuals thinking for them selves. Fly Under your own flag and follow no one find strength in a collective that is all volunteer that is strong because every one is their own sovereign nation making their own laws and rules. Be people of equal footing and strive to help others and cause no harm. Work for free and end planned obsolescence end hoarding and share we can all live in abundance if we can just get over the MINE paradigm grow the fuck up we have one planet and we could all fin in Texas if populated like new york and if we all grew and raised food in close loop systems and stop thinking of shit as garbage and not a resource we would cure all that ill us we can live in perfect harmony with even more amazing and advanced technologies we could be investing in colonizing mars rather then fighting wars. All our fears the false fears of today are indoctrinated brain wash of the ones that fear the most the ones that think of themselves as our masters and gods the EVIL ONES that have been misreading all the humanity out of themselves for thousands of years.

So now we see why we are from birth raised in classes, pushed into teams, gentrified, nationalized, propagandized and commercialized we can see it now for what it is lest help others that do not 1 a day make it your mission and then make sure others do the same JUST ONE PERSON and if you know math I am sure you will come to an amazing conclusion we could wake the world up in 1 year.

Solutions for all hate is always in more love, if you hate it only means you don’t know yourself and you cant see yourself in another. I like to think of everyone as someones child as a father it helps me find patients and love for people that sometimes make my skin crawl. BUT I am flawed you are too and to someone else we are all weak and we are all something to someone not always as we imagine life is not without efforts. Hate will not help hate a cop will her be a better cop, hate Stephen Harper will he be who you want? or does that hate only beget more hate more bad feelings and vampire your good time, time that you could have spent loving your child or planting a flower/AN IDEA A TRUTH in a field of shit. To be the change is to effect change. Lets drop truth bombs and love you.

You hear all day from our media Muslim this Muslim that terror terror terror but it you that’s the terrorist YOU THE TAX PAYER its your money bombing and murdering millions for your comforts and oil for the petrol dollar that is the wealth of the west its nothing more than theft. You see terrorist when you see an entire region I see your children I see mine, I see parent and families, I see suffering all because of our tax.

The more laws the sicker the system…

…sick system sick people if we focus on the poisoned people and not the poisoned well nothing will change. The cure is not paying tax and denying them labor.

>>> You have a right/s even by Canadian/their own charter its says:

freedom of religion and freedom of conscience well tell me how you can believe and practice and disobey the commandment though shall not kill tax is murder and my conscience also makes it my right to not pay tax……… oh wait one more you have the right to protest and I am protesting my governments war mongering by not paying tax.

Canada is paying all your income tax to banking interests on loans that are going to Olympic scams and war mongering its all a sham. Global banking cartels what to appear to be punishing Russia and Russia wants to appear to be broke and suffering so they can blame their poverty on the USA/Canada/NATO. We will soon be mad at China because they own 30% of our homes and they will be asking for money back from USA and the housing will go on market crashing Canada and the world. We have racial tensions to and religious and its all being done exactly as Albert Pike said it would THEY TOLD US THAT’S HOW CONFIDENT THEY ARE and if you don’t know how it ends it ends with 90% of you dead after WW3 it ends in NWO and total control TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT!

So I see one choice its a mass awakening to one simple concept if we stop eating rotten fish we will stop having diarrhea end all the worlds problems today DON’T PAY TAX, Grow and raise your food and anytime you can be off the grid do it even the little choices add up if everyone have 1 less dollar that’s billions of dollars not used by the war mongering elites. AND its not an all or nothing thing with off the grid choices, its a something is everything thing every step counts climbing this mountain take your first step today and stop paying tax. https://activistshub.1117.ca/islam-the-evil-empire-muslims-eat-children-muslims-hate-love/