• Jason Wettstein & Jean Chrétien

My meeting with Jean Chrétien.

Canadian Leader prime minister Jean Chrétien.

The first time I felt Canada was not just a puppet regime was under Jean Chrétien when it came to Iraq and as he said

He stated that we are not going to war just because the US is going to war.

“This one, I thought the Americans were wrong.”

He knew Chavez personally and “never had any problem” with the controversial leader. “He had support of the people and he was loved by the poor of his country. He was kind of a Robin Hood,” Chretien said.

It was not like he was as I had wished a leader independent from polls, deep state, UN and corporate elites. Sadly it seams for all his good he still made some mistakes or maybe concessions to the shadowy governments commonly referred to as the Deep State.

He just seemed real, as if he did not answer everything per a pre cast script, not like the Trudeaupian nightmare we have with Justin Trudeau.

I worked on Chrétien’s last reelection TV ads at Meech Lake, I can still hear him now “I believe in a Canada”. We laughed in his garage noticed some empty cases of Canadian beer and joked about how funny it would be if he did a Commercial for Canadian Beer “I am Canadian” with that rich french accent and his rough yet fun personality. He shortly there after walked around the corner and said “hey you guys come and get a photo” he then shook hands and photographed with the entire film crew. He was funny, nice guy and still if you pissed him off he may just choke you out… Shawinigan Handshake is the epithet given to a chokehold executed on February 15, 1996 by Jean Chrétien. I think a lot of us really could identify with him and with all the silly politically correct pandering from our current PM I would love to give Trudeau a Shawinigan Handshake.

I have always thought of myself as very much against government and rule over people in forceful ways, yet there are a couple people in politics that I still admire; Jean Chrétien, Maxime Bernier and the only person I have ever voted for my small town community representative Sally Watson.

I am not sure where Canada is headed but the road its on right now with Justin Trudeau does not feel all that free, nor Canadian at least not the Canada I want to be apart of. I will vote this next election and for the first time ever I think we stand a hope in seeing some real change in the right direction with Maxime Bernier and if not I will never participate in this broken system again.

“I was damned if I was going to let myself be shoved out the door by a gang of self-serving goons.”

Jean Chretien’s memoirs I bet it’s a good read.

Seems many in politics put out books this makes me laugh thinking about what Trudeau would put out in future; wanna bet its a comic book :).