• Government INTENTIONALLY destroyed Forrest industry

    and forrest industry greed allowed it to happen

    BC Logs going to China

Liberals designed and created problem this in no way was NDP creation.

But how will John Horgan respond?

Will all the mill closures the big question is why and what will be done.

This is designed problem in 3 parts.

1 Glyphosate was used to stop growth of Aspen and Birch and trees that are a natural fire break. They say this was favouring cash crop trees like Pine but all that it really did was burn. It also weakened the pine and brought on Pine Beatle infestation that never would have happened without aid of Glyphosate weakened pine.

2 Aviation fuel has been adding Aluminium to its fuel they say to burn more efficiently and hotter. This is true but it comes out as exhaust binds to moisture and creates lingering contrails often referred to as chemtrails. Aluminium acts as a salt and hinders plants from absorbing water and it also covers all plants and trees making them burn hotter. So its drying and adding fuel to our Forests.

3 Just like Canada has sold off our children’s futures in home ownership to money laundering Chinese and other political criminals. It is selling off our resources to commodity speculators its just another form of money laundering and it has raw logs shipped over to China stressing our market and inflating prices locally.

THIS IS ALL SOMETHING BC and Canadian Government knows very well. SO dont let them get away with the lies this is a designed plan and in the end they plan to take land ownership and depopulate rural areas in the name of protecting forests.

West Fraser announces indefinite closure of Chasm sawmill

 Interfor Corp. says the company has increased lumber shipments from Canada to China

Raw Logs and Lost Jobs: How the BC Government Has Sacrificed Forest CommunitiesGrowing raw log exports mean almost 5,000 lost employment opportunities. First of two.

What to do about B.C.’s raw logs?

Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering

Volume 12, Issue 3pp 358–366Cite as

OH and look not just harming eco system and trees its harming your immune system

Nanosized aluminum altered immune function.

THINK! What are the chances that the proposed corse of action is EXACTLY as we/conspiracy nuts have saids already and has been in place since early 90’s.

Not only will they THEY ALREADY ARE! Fact that CBC does not make the connection or other media outlets only proves we have no real media only a puppet media designed to program and propagandize

Geoengineering aims to slow global warming by manipulating climate, but risks are unknown