Justin Trudeau Canada’s
Most Hated DICKtator

March 25, 2022

Justin Trudeau Canada’s Most Hated DICKtator An odor is following Canadian Prime/DICktator Minister Justin Trudeau: the stench of totalitarianism. Politicians and members of the general public who support democratic rights and freedoms are particularly sensitive to it. When Trudeau flew off to the UK, still haunted by Canada’s Freedom Convoy, the turbulence followed him. He was greeted by spirited protestors outside Number 10 Downing Street, which forced him to sneak in through the back door like a thief. Even after he made it inside the official residence of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the “faraway chants of ‘f— Trudeau’” could still be heard during his photo-op with Johnson.

His stunt this past week (which was one in a series) was to devise an underhanded Liberal-New Democratic Party pact to prop him up as prime minister until 2025, giving him an insurance policy against a no-confidence vote and free passage of any socialist budget that his government and the NDP can conjure up.

Europe has been watching Trudeau’s shrewd manipulation of Canada’s Constitution, his ruthless trampling of the rights of peaceful citizens, and his name-calling and propaganda as he attempts to divide Canadians. A European Council meeting in Brussels this week showed that there is significant anti-Trudeau sentiment. Members of the European Parliament gave him a tongue-lashing.

Justin Trudeau Canada’s Most Hated DICKtator

Justin Trudeau
Canada’s Most Hated

Christine Anderson, a German politician who is serving as an Alternative for Germany Member of the European Parliament, tweeted: “Yesterday, Canada’s Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau visited the #EU Parliament to give a speech. I took the opportunity to give him an appropriate ‘welcome’ there. Short, concise and right hitting the bull’s eye!” Watch:

Cristian Terheș, a Romanian politician who is currently serving as a Member of the European Parliament for Christian Democratic National Peasants’ Party, stated: “He’s exactly like a tyrant, a dictator. He’s like Ceaușescu in Romania.”

Mislav Kolakusic, a Croatian lawyer and politician and a Member of the European Parliament for Croatia, tweeted: “PM Trudeau, in recent months, under your quasi-liberal boot, Canada has become a symbol of civil rights violations. The methods we have witnessed may be liberal to you, but to many citizens around the world, it seemed like a dictatorship of the worst kind.“

Bernard Zimniok from Germany Tweeted: “I tried to prevent the speech of 🇨🇦 PM #Trudeau in the #EU Parliament because he recently trampled on the core values of democracy. Unfortunately, the enemies of democracy are also on the rise in #Europe, as the reaction of my colleagues clearly shows.“

World Economic Forum founder and leader Klaus Schwab, however, is impressed with Trudeau for his efforts in hammering in The Great Reset: