To Russia with love.

Dear Russia & Vladimir Putin,

Canada is not wishing war with you/Russia, most of all as it seems that it is more of an attempt to distract Canadians from the fact that its own governments have been corrupted and are at war with its own citizens. Most of all at war with morals and truths as they have become tyrannical liars corrupted with power and greed.

If there is a war maybe most Canadians would feel it as a liberation and please remember it’s only the corrupted few and morraless politicians that are an enemy of you and all that they represent is greed and lies and not the Canadian population.

It seems they use this all as a distraction from the most recent pandemic and mass of lies and broken media and worst of all the mass of deaths and illness as a result of the vaccines and restrictions imposed to keep people safe when in reality to take rights and oppress.

We have said to be 50,000 to 150,000 trucks driving to Ottawa to wage civil war & revolt on the tyrannical evils that are destroying Canada.

Please Russia & Vladimir Putin help us win this war first help expose Justin Trudeau and his corrupt governments and lying media do not fight Canadians, fight the tyrannical Canadian Governments.

I also shared this publicly on social media as I have nothing to hide in truth, love of peace and some of my best friends have been from Russia and here is hopes for many more.

Thank you,
L Jason Wettstein & Daughter Ava