Connie & John Jackson - Charcut & Charbar - Calgary's Best Dining

Connie & John Jackson – Charcut & Charbar – Calgary’s Best Dining

CHARCUT | Roast House – breathtakingly exquisitely flavorful.

An evening with Chef & Owner John Jackson.

For the sake of full disclosure I have to admit John is also my brother. Growing up I always teased my brother that I was the better chef but today my brother put me to shame, all in fun of course.

Before we had even sat down it was obvious that the staff and environment was a big part of this experience. Smiles and laughter all around such ambience and mood setting decor. Friendly staff, comfortable and easy on the eyes, it’s really hip and modern dim enough that I look good from the next table but warmly lit enough that I could get a good look at the food.

I decided to have the prime rib, duck fat poutine fries, and duck fat brussel sprouts. The portions were so grand we could have shared this and walked away full. Prime rib was juicy and tender just the way I never manage to cook it myself :) very impressed. They’re known for their Alberta beef and prime rib and one can see why it is fantastic.

Honestly I could go on and on about the many dishes we sampled and I would honestly suggest they we all 5 /5 star dishes and this certainly not an exaggeration. I wish I could eat here every day.

John had so many more dishes brought out my head was spinning my daughter Ava Wettstein was also very happy with everything most of all the Poutine with Truffle Gravy. I tried this poutine too and its by far the best I have ever had. Medium-cut crispy fries, huge chunks of melted cheese curds (and way more than one could eat) rich gravy smothering everything and a hint of truffle oil, everything was perfect.

Our servers were fun and very presentable, but most of all my brothers smail and a look of beaming pride because he could see it on everyone of our faces that it was a truly breathtakingly exquisitely flavorful experience.

Best Evening out in Calgary – Charbar
Recommended Dining Calgary – Charcut

★★★★★ 5/5 Stars across “Prime rib is probably the best I’ve ever had and definitely recommend ordering this over the steak..”


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