• HAVEN Fire Suppression Safety Device

HAVEN Automatic Fire Extinguisher

HAVEN Fire Suppression Safety Device

I will let the info and Fire Suppression Safety Device speak and sell itself. We use these and absolutely love them and highly recommend them.

Smoke Detectors Won’t Stop The Flames & Toxic Smoke, But This Simple Device Will.
Because modern homes and furnishings burn 8x faster and produce 200x more poisonous smoke, firefighters are fighting the clock more than ever. They love the HAVEN, as it buys them, and you, precious time.

Nobody expects a fire. But the statistics are shocking, and we need to do something about it. Water sprinklers have been the only automatic option, but they can cost 10’s of thousands of dollars. Not the HAVEN.

Since the HAVEN is heat-activated, not smoke-activated, it won’t trigger in low-risk instances of accidental smoke. Only when a real fire is present will the HAVEN discharge the MSDS safe, non-toxic, dry chem into the room.

“Having a HAVEN installed in your home is like having a firefighter in your home, protecting you and your family 24/7. The HAVEN, frankly, is a brilliant product – a no-brainer!”

  • Created by an experienced firefighter to help save your family
  • Like having a firefighter in your home, protecting your family 24/7
  • Stop fires fast when every second counts and reduces the damage and mess of a fire
  • Automatic fire-stopping system
  • Like a commercial fire system, but for your home
  • 1,2,3 simple installation
  • Featured on Dragons’ Den
  • Revolutionary fire suppression; each Haven unit provides effective fire suppression in a 16-ft x 16-ft area
  • When activated by heat the HAVEN automatically fights fire without water, providing you and your family time to safely exit your home
  • Cylinder Material: Steel
  • Discharge Time (Seconds): 4
  • Extinguisher Type: Residential
  • Extinguishing Material: Super-fine ABC dry-chem
  • Heavy duty metal valves: Yes
  • Operating Pressure: 175 psi
  • Operating Range (inches): 192

“Finally I can leave the house and not wonder all day if I turned the stove off or not”

HAVEN Fire Suppression Safety Device

★★★★★ 5/5 Stars – This is one of the best fire safety products on the market. I have some peace of mind knowing my family is just a little safer and we will all sleep a bit better and safer now that these are installed. We have these over laundry room, pump room, kitchen, fireplace and each exterior wall and crawl space. Feeling safe and secure thanks to Haven Fire Suppression Safety Device.