no longer know as Air Canada

    air canada service sucks

Air Canada now known as Error Canada

Passenger told over 1 hour early not early enough missed flight

Vancouver and bad Canadian government made buying a home in Vancouver next to impossible for most and in my case I had to go almost 5 hours norths to 70 Mile House BC. But I digress this is not about housing or Canadian government its about a lousy Airline and its intolerably rude staff.

The morning of the flight I called my child and he mom to let them know I was on my way. I drive 2 hours to Kamloops to pick my child Ava up at the airport leaving early as do they. So when I called around 70 minutes before flight to see how things were I was very stressed to hear they were being turned away and the reason given was that they were not at the gate early enough. I have always been told an hour before your flight was plenty of time so I was surprised to hear this and with no mention on the ticket or website or even in the email reminder.

My daughter was crying and I was very upset too with the prospect of not seeing her for another month. I expressed my anger as cool and calmly as I could and told them I expected someone to lose their job over this and that I  thought the truth was more likely that Air Canada aka Error Canada had overbooked. Either way it looks like in making it our fault for not showing up on time they could refuse us the penalty of $400 and cost of the ticket. So it seems the new way to deal with Air Canada passengers is abuse them, lie and lie some more.

Because of my situation and my disability I have to pay a driver $25 an hour to drive me to Kamloops airport this added another 5 hours wait and well I had to buy him lunch too as well as breakfast because unlike Air Canada / Error Canada I care for people.

When dealing with Error Canada on my end I thought maybe I would get somewhere but all I got was a card with a complaints line I called and almost 3 weeks later and still no one has returned my call. I wish we could have my daughter fly Westjet but they have no direct flights and with the many nightmare airline sorries I certainly don’t trust a layover in Calgary.

Amount of Denied Boarding Compensation

The amount of compensation depends on the airline, the final destination, and the length of the delay caused by the denied boarding.

  • Air Canada
    • Flights departing from Canada to destinations in North America (Canada, US, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda):
      • CAD$200 (delay of 0-2 hours)
      • CAD$400 (delay of 2-6 hours)
      • CAD$800 (delay of over 6 hours)


  • You are not entitled to any compensation, rerouting, or care if:
    • you fail to present yourself for check-in and boarding before the cut-off times specified by the airline;

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0/5 stars a real big thumbs down for Air Canada or as they should be know Error Canada

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    no longer know as Air Canada

    air canada service sucks

    no longer know as Air Canada

    air canada service sucks