PayPal is not refunding fees on refunds. Let’s say you pay $2000 for stuff at my store, and then cancel the order 1 minute later. I have to eat the $69 fee, which merchants will start passing onto YOU – the end customer.

My personal experience was that I was billed for something I did not buy and I contacted paypal not only did they not refund me when I tried to close my account I am redirected to a page that simply says >>>

Sorry, we couldn’t confirm it’s you

Need a hand? We can help

Then when I try to remove the bank account >>>

We’re sorry. We’re not able to process your request right now. Please try again later.

PAYPAL IS A SCUMBAG scammers paradise I can’t imagine why people use it at all so many alternatives too.

But hey don’t listen to me go on google or Youtube and search PayPal sucks :)