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Dentist not only took my money they encouraged me to let them scam my dental coverage.

I refused to let Thompson Valley Dental take advantage of my coverage and to this day have not received what was paid for in full.

Be cautious Thompson Valley Dental to have many fake reviews and may employ companies to have negative reviews removed or buried as my review is very real.

Dr. Barros of Thompson Valley Dental from my experience is and was a smug pompous jerk. I believe he was creating work in my mouth. He billed my coverage without having done work and he billed me thousands without finishing the work I paid for rendering it all completely useless and over a year later I have not received anything I paid for. The investigation with College of Dental Surgeons of BC is slow and ongoing and given no one has contacted me for any information or evidence I suspect it’s a whitewash and really a useless endeavor though if it is with any sort of justifiable outcome I will update my complain here.

Further my complaint if it was not true he would sue me for slander and I wish he would because I would counter. I recorded every interaction. I have the evidence and can prove they never fitted and that they wanted to bill me for a refitting and they knowingly tried to cheat the system.

I encourage others to mind what the medical and dental establishment has been up to and complain and do what they can to curve the theft so we/Canada do not end up like the USA. Dental fraud is rampant and very little is being done consumers need to push back and fight these criminals.

Thompson Valley Dental Dentist in Kamloops, British Columbia give back our money and stop cheating the system.

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