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Love All

March 22, 2023/by JasonWettstein

COVID-1984 Spam Calls

November 18, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Trudeau, Travel, & “The Science”

August 23, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Trudeau the Criminal DICKtator

April 29, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Pedophilia Books in Schools

April 24, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Planned Famine & Starvation

April 23, 2022/by JasonWettstein

PLANNED Apocalyptic Bird Flu this winter

April 17, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Dump the Smart Phones

April 2, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Most Hated DICKtator

March 26, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Mandates & masks for IDIOTS

March 15, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Defund the CBC

March 10, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Trucker Protests not over

March 7, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Ukraine is part of Russia

March 3, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Trudeau / Castro Destroys Dollar

February 27, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Nazis of Ukraine

February 27, 2022/by JasonWettstein


February 22, 2022/by JasonWettstein

The Catastrophe of Canada

February 22, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Archbishop Viganò’s Message

February 20, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Death Jab Loss $140 Billion

February 19, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Truth Bombs, Truckers & CovAIDS

February 13, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Why Tyrant Trudeau Won’t Back Down

February 13, 2022/by JasonWettstein

The Tragedy of Evil Dr. Bonnie Henry

February 11, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Randy Hillier – Press Conference

February 11, 2022/by JasonWettstein

You have covAIDS | Corbett Report

February 11, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Last Stand Against Global Tyranny

February 11, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Trudeau’s brother, Kyle Kemper INFOWARS guest

February 11, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Nurse Kicked Out Of City Council Meeting For Speaking About Vaccines

February 8, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Good Cop Bad Cop, RCMP & POLICE

February 7, 2022/by JasonWettstein


February 1, 2022/by JasonWettstein

To Russia with love

January 24, 2022/by JasonWettstein

COVID1984 – The real virus is Governments

January 10, 2022/by JasonWettstein

Look to the past to see your future PILE OF BONES

August 16, 2021/by JasonWettstein

THC Delivery

November 30, 2020/by JasonWettstein


October 23, 2020/by JasonWettstein


June 6, 2020/by JasonWettstein



so here is my last of 3 14gram trips
for my…
May 21, 2020/by JasonWettstein

Magic Mushrooms’ WHAT’S LIFE?

April 24, 2020/by JasonWettstein

DJ Services, Sound Rentals & Lighting Rentals

March 14, 2020/by JasonWettstein

COVID 19 – is it fake? YES IT IS! IMO

March 14, 2020/by JasonWettstein

China Called Justin Trudeau a DICK Tator

February 4, 2020/by JasonWettstein

Tax is theft!

December 18, 2019/by JasonWettstein

CIA’s secret

December 7, 2019/by JasonWettstein

The Business of Cancer

November 24, 2019/by JasonWettstein

Glyphosate making fires worse

November 23, 2019/by JasonWettstein

Don’t Overdose on Vitamin D

November 23, 2019/by JasonWettstein


November 22, 2019/by JasonWettstein

PayPal offers less charges more

November 22, 2019/by JasonWettstein

Apple ripping off customers

November 22, 2019/by JasonWettstein

Asbestos of the airlines

November 19, 2019/by JasonWettstein

Facebook Meme

November 18, 2019/by JasonWettstein

Up is down good is bad

November 17, 2019/by JasonWettstein

My Keto Experience

November 10, 2019/by JasonWettstein

Junk Removal Vancouver

August 30, 2019/by JasonWettstein

More BC Mill Closures

June 2, 2019/by JasonWettstein

Thompson Valley Dental

April 10, 2019/by JasonWettstein

Manufactured Terror

March 16, 2019/by JasonWettstein

138,171 Thousand vaccine deaths

March 11, 2019/by JasonWettstein

Fire Safety & Security HAVEN

February 21, 2019/by JasonWettstein

Canadian scams

February 16, 2019/by JasonWettstein

Overpopulation Myth!

February 11, 2019/by JasonWettstein

Silent Weapons Quiet Wars

January 28, 2019/by JasonWettstein

CHARCUT | Roast House

January 24, 2019/by JasonWettstein

Air Canada / Error Canada

January 23, 2019/by JasonWettstein

Meeting Jean Chrétien

January 22, 2019/by JasonWettstein

Vancouver Printing ★★★★★ 5/5

November 11, 2018/by JasonWettstein

Ävā art

February 11, 2017/by JasonWettstein